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Who is behind this blog ?
My name is Pierre Cassat (picas for my colleagues) and I am a web applications developer. My job is to create, develop and maintain the source code of websites, usually with PHP programming language and exclusively under open source environments. I worked in major french companies that makes the web of today for various clients, from the music band (and friends) to large accounts of the CAC 40. I also develop some personal open source projects, including a PHP parser of the Markdown syntax: Markdown Extended.

My development experience puts me in a position of “lead-developer” as we say, that is a technical referent, responsible for a team of developers and for the quality, publication and deployment of a source code. I particularly like the transmission of knowledge, for instance through the validation of the code of my padawans and think tanks on complex subjects.

In recent years I have also gained serious experience of DevOps (contraction of “development” and “operational”), including working on automation of deployments in different environments, automated execution of unit and functional tests and build up a thoughtful workflow to organize and manage an application.

I am also a teacher, specialist of the GIT software, widely used in our workplaces.

In parallel, I am the founder and boss of the artisanal web creation company Les Ateliers Pierrot.

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If you want to offer me a job, do not hesitate to contact me directly via the form on this website or on my personal email: me [at] picas [dot] fr. I am located in Paris, France and am always listening interesting projects ;)

You can also go through my profile on Prestly, a simple platform to hire freelancers.

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If you like my projects and want to support me financially (we are in open source after all :), use the Flattr website via the button available in the footer (or directly on the site).

You can also make payments on the Bitcoins’ wallet 1LJeeygu6LehhLHNkmrF7GPweSuL2UVbo1.

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If you want to authenticate our correspondence, use my PGP key (I reply by encrypting my electronic correspondence when my interlocutor uses this system).